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no gamecube controller, I use classic controller, works great. if you want to be pro, don't use the chuck.

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Here is the Logitech Wii compatible website if anyone is interested.
I am currently looking at this model. It has a separate number pad.

The loading screen looks bearable enough...I might consider buying it


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So buying this.

-10 no wii speak and must buy keyboard. hmmm. Oh well. Maybe Nintendo/3rd Parties will wise up over the next year and make sure online capable games all use Wii Speak.

Plus, this this was in development way before Wii Speak dropped, so maybe it couldn't be implemented by the time it was shown for animal crossing.

You could start kicking down Capcom USA's door and try to make them include WiiSpeak for the Western release...(just sayin')

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it'll be interesting seeing the play time stats for this game on the nintedno channel after it releases in the US. if what people are saying is true, it looks like it has a shot at toppeling brawls average play time of like 65ish hours.

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I'm not even going online until NA release and I already have near 50 hours clocked in SP, it's so worth it and epic especially since it's my first MH lol. did I mention how much I love my Slash Axe?