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ive been watching a few of these live feeds, the game looks great

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It looks amazing, but if capcom charges monthly fees i'll be forced to skip this.

That looks very good.

i can expect to drop about 3000+ hours on that, paying for the online is just fine for all those pso players out there, this isn't like pc MMOs where you stop paying you can't  play offline. But odds are it might be free in NA, regardless 8$ a month ... is it really that much for you guys? If you're thinking of skipping this because of the monthly payment, your loss.

remember once you stop paying for WoW you can't play anymore, if the servers go down you can't play still, if Blizzard closed down, yup all those hours making lv 75 toons and hundreds of dollars on monthly fee are all for not. But you can still play MH3 ^_^

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omg i want this game so bad....

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anyone know how is typing so fast? is it a keyboard?

^Yes, They released a special keyboard for the game. I don't have the link. Someone?

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wish it would have just used wiispeak, man nintendo is really pissing me off by not having itself or others use the device

Nothing ever happens in the live feed when I am watching...

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SmokedHostage said:
After watching it.. looks like Loading Screens: The Video Game.

Bionic Commando is even worse. Seems like Capcom has a recurrent problem with loading screens.