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Seems like 2 companies are going to cut their prices at least:

"We can't comment because it would depend very much on how those guys sell their machines and how ... they can decrease the price of those machines. We think the battle between the three manufacturers will really be very fierce this year. All of them will really push hard to get this Christmas sale. They will act, we think. ...if the machines are going down in price, we can see a big increase of sales on all the machines" - Yves Guillemot, Ubisoft

"Obviously we'll let the hardware guys announce the magnitude and timing [of a price cut]. The fact that Nintendo Wii is still at its launch price and PlayStation 3 is still at a relatively high price point by historical standards ... just look at the hardware numbers and it would seem that a price cut would be in order by at least two of the three manufacturers. Price cuts, again – they are factored into our guidance, our internal model. We do anticipate price cuts coming this Fall ... something on the higher end of the range certainly wouldn't surprise us." - Brian Farrel, THQ


Bets? Sony and Nintendo maybe? or Microsoft can lower their cost even more?

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Already posted. It won't happen to the Wii though.




The Wii could use the boost a price cut would bring.

Pfft. We all know the real way for a publisher to discuss a price cut is to make a bold statement on how one might be "forced" to drop support for a console, unless said manufacturer allows you to make, market and price your console for you.

l0l i ate thq and shit it out my mouth l0l they r so dumb but ubi is coolthey has a place near i live lol they cool



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I guess this is good. iirc, THQ were one of the companies begging Sony to get a price cut before Activision threw their little temper tantrum. Also, there haven't been any other devs complaining about the PS3 price as of late so that could be a good thing as well.

I really doubt Sony will drop any prices. They've been reluctant to do so and, if anything, a new slim model will cost more due to higher manufacturing costs resulting from miniaturization. The only thing that will change is that a skinner, more expensive PS3 will be on the market alongside the $400 phat models.