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So there is a contest for a chance to drive the 2010 Lexus HS 250h for a year. It is open to people in the Continental United States, of age (check the terms and conditions if you do not know your state's requirements), so sorry to everyone else. The way it works is that there are 2 grand prizes of a lease for a year to the person with the most votes and to a voter, so any help voting for me and/or getting other people to vote for me would be appreciated. If other people wish to try to participate by being voted on, please also post your links so that we may vote for you as well. You can be both a voter and a "driver," so don't worry about if becoming a driver candidate invalidates your chances of winning the voter prize. Any suggestions for improvements to my slogan or anything would be appreciated. There are also other smaller prizes.



Thank you.


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Really? No one is interested?