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This will be Epic.




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Hades is next? He's either gonna kill hades to revive his wife n kid and/or rise a new army to battle the gods by choose the best warriors that has ever lived. I like were the plot could go. Also not that much happens in game to that's so great just more powers the titans ect. But that can be done at any time before fighting the gods.

This is one time that I wish the big studios will intervene and edit the script. That's fucking horrible, the ending of the original GOW still allowed for a conclusion without a need for a sequel.

I thought that the whole symbolism is that no matter what Kratos can't abandon his past and he has become more than what Ares hoped him to be, not just a murdering monster, but an actual God of War.

I mean he can't even disarm himself, weapons are literally a part of his body (I imagined one scene where he's summoned to meet the politicians in Sparta and he's told he can't bring any weapons).

As for the black actor, it's alright after he becomes covered with the ashes of his dead wife and child, but what about before that (PS: The original character was conceived to be black)?

I mean, we've seen a lot of good black facing in a few recent movies and tv shows, how hard will it be to white face? I mean, Kratos looked pretty tan before that fateful night.

Sounds surprisingly good actually.. But that is a games series that's practically made for movie adaption :p

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Ugh, why can't they just stick to regular movies. There's no need to ruin videogame franchises.

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At least he let me know where he was coming from at the start so I could see why he trys to downplay GOW and pushes so hard for comparisons like COTT. It sounds really good but so many movie game disappointments has me slightly cynical. I don't want a clash of the titans meets 300. I want a GOW. I really hope it turns out to be great or at least good.

If they don't end that moving with Kratos sitting in the throne of the God of War, while the camera zooms out to the God of War theme, I'll be pissed.

That was the most epic ending to a video game ever.

They better get someone good to play kratos.