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Glad to hear that you liked RE:DC. The videos look really fun to me, but some people have raised concerns about the gameplay. Knowing that somebody else who liked RE:UC thinks this game is awesome puts my mind at ease.

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That is awesome! I wish there were events like this where I live...

Oh and about the stabbing with samurai swords...I believe that is a yes and a no.

Yes, technically you can stab with a samurai sword. However, its effectiveness becomes extremely diminished. The reason why the katana is praised for is because of its sharpness. The sharpness of the sword is usually seen when a samurai takes horizontal, vertical and diagonal swipes at the target, not in stabbing. Hence why when one practices with a samurai's sword, they don't practice stabs nor it is in their set of moves; it is usually meant for swipes. But of course, you can remix it for yourselves . I guess Ubisoft either wanted an authentic samurai moves, or couldn't figure out how to implement stab moves w/o it getting clonky...

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The type of sword used in RS2 has a curved, single edged blade. It would be possible to stab someone with it, but not very effective. Using it for slashing is much more effective

To chip in regards to stabbing. Almost all longer swords are design to slash while shorter swords are designed to thrust. Part of the reason has to to with proximity to your enemy. All moves are telgraphed to your opponent. A stab with a long weapon means more time to be read and countered. In longer swords there is always motion in arcing directions. Short swords can slash but are built to stab similar to daggers.

Yeah it's a bit of downer to hear about TMNT. Ubisoft strikes again?

RS2. We pretty much already know that it's SP. I also don't think core gamers will continue to accept non full offerings.Especially games that seem built for MP. Hopefully it will do well though for the possibility of RS3 MP.

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