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i'll let you know what my opinions are of nintys customer service soon. i just sent my wii off to get fixed on saturday. curious to see how long it will take to fix and how much they'll charge me. However they were kind enough to send my a postage stamp to send the wii off for free

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SmokedHostage said:
mjc2021 said:
I hate to brag... but MS repaired fixed my console for free. Granted I didn't break it... but free is free.

...was it under warranty?

Well I was passed the year warranty. But MS has an extended warranty for the E74 error.

I had a kind of weird experience with the Nintendo customer service when my Gamecube's disc opener button was stuck in the pressed position. I couldn't get it to return to normal state. I could still play with a book on top of the console, but since it was under warranty I called Nintendo and sent in. I got repaired in about a week, but came with a letter stating that no misfunctions had been found and no repair had been done. The button never got stuck again, so I don't know if they actually did something or if it miraculously fixed itself. Nintendo didn't charge me anything, they even payed for transport.

So yeah, Nintendo customer service is good.

I have to agree. They are very calm at the Nintendo Help service, and they are respectful and are willing to answer all questions about the systems. They are really good


I once had to fix my DSlite because its Touch screen broke so I had it repaired under the so it was all good

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yeah there customer service is excellent

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The L&R buttons on my DSLite broke and Nintendo repaired it for free with 1 day turnaround

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From what I can tell (from various anecdotes on this site mostly, as I have never had to call CS myself), Nintendo customer service is generally excellent, but with Nintendo being such a small company it can be problematic in some more late-start-gaming areas like Eastern Europe, because Nintendo doesn't really have many offices there.

Sony Customer service seems to be on/off good/average... but it is much rarer than Nintendo that things are fixed/replaced for free, whether in or out of warranty..... but Sony has much wider coverage than Nintendo, so will be better help in Eastern Europe.

MS customer service seems to be usually quite poor, though there are some good cases, but then given some people have to call them multiple times for repeated breaking of X360s there has to be at least some times when they are better.


Obviously anyone can have a bad/good experience with any of the 3, generally depending on where you are and who picks up the phone at the other end.

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