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Roflinator said:



Average so far: 82.4


That average is more or less what i was expecting. Maybe slightly higher

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thekitchensink said:
To be honest, I was quite excited to play this game at E3, but I walked away fairly underwhelmed by the few minutes of single-player I got to play. As has been heavily mentioned, the controls and graphics are great, but the level design (at least for the one that I played, which was likely the starting level) was very linear. I was also kind of hoping for intelligent enemies that made me make good use of the quality controls (like aiming just right to pop a headshot while he was behind cover).

I didn't hate it, and I was at the beginning of the game and didn't get to test multiplayer, though, and the game definitely still holds promise! I'll post some impressions later.

Wait, are they making FPS campaigns which aren't linear again? I haven't played one since Deus Ex! Which games have non-linear campaigns?

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I just checked a few older issues of the N-Zone to give you a reference for the graphic score.

I found Metroid Prime 3's score being 90 % (SP 94 %), Mario Galaxy's even 93 % (SP 96 %), Zack & Wicki received 89 %, Okami also received 89 %, and SSBB, M&S at the Olympics and Pokemon Battle Revolution all got 86 % too.

Apart from those games, I haven't stumbled over higher scores than 86 % when it comes to graphics. The fact that some graphically rather generic games like M&S or Pokemon received high scores seems to show though that the graphic score isn't too accurate, and it is usually rather in line with the overall score.

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not bad scores at all...still hyped for this game (and The Grinder)

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This game will still be the best fps wii has to offer so far.

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Does anyone else think that support of the Conduit is essential to getting more WiiSpeak games? I'm not really a FPS fan per say, but I want to eventually buy it just to support WiiSpeak. I would LOVE to have WiiSpeak in some of the adventure, RPG, and strategy games for the Wii. I've pre-ordered Dawn of Discovery, and to me it should be easy to add WiiSpeak to those types of games, that don't tax the system.

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I wan The Conduit to have atleast a 90 on metacritic.



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Why do people average online and solo? Considering the experience is different it doesn't really make any sense.

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Metacritic is a bit of a farce.  It's good if you have no clue about a game and want a rough idea, but they average the best and most respected sites with the biased little podunk sites.  Some of my favorite games, especially ones for the DS, have received horrid metacritic scores.  Games like Panzer Tactics aren't fairly represented.  Still, I concur a high score would help their sales.  :P   I'd be happy with an 80.

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let's wait for IGN....