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Is Metal Gear Rising just going to be a straight up shooter? If you look at the teaser image on the Kojima site ( http://www.konami.jp/kojima_pro/e3_2009/en/ ), where it would normally say "Tactical Espionage Action" in a traditional MGS title it says "Lightning Bolt Action". They also mentioned in the show that the gameplay would be different. So, is this just Metal Gear Halo, only instead of Master Chief you have have an effeminate albino?

I'm really interested, because I've never liked the previous MGS games because they were too stealth-oriented and they were to complicated. 


If MGS:R was an FPS, would you play it/buy it?


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its action games like DMC or God of War

umm Yea. Its Kojima!! Didn't MGS4 have FPS elements?

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Not really in cyborb ninja fashion to use a gun that often. Only time we ever see one wielding a gun is when grey fox takes on rex, so like the above poster said more dmc-ninja gaiden esc.

It's probably going to be like Ninja Gaiden, but I would rather it be like Tenchu in its glory years. That is, a well-balanced mix of stealth/action

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Kojima will kill the series if there is no Tactical Espionage Action imho.... hopefully this game is a spin off and a true espionage action metal gear game will be announced in the future.

Splenda14 said:
its action games like DMC or God of War

Pretty much my thoughts.

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