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You know I don't totally disagree with the THQ SVP as while there are people like us on this forum, there's also a lot of women and 'core' gamers that only use the Wii on odd intervals and generally buy games with Mario or Wii in the name (for casual) or Zelda/Brawl for core.

But I agree THQ needs to stop whining and be more innovative in it's approach to Wii. Or just keep doing want they are doing and continue to loss money.


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Well, their other 3 titles that came out this year for the Wii (Paws & Claws Pet Resort, Neighborhood Games/Big Family Games, & Up) have so far failed to reach 100k in sales just like Deadly Creatures. So it's not just their hardcore games that aren't selling, nothing is.

BTW, they market their HD games like crazy (UFC 09 & Red Faction Guerilla are recent examples), I don't remember seeing any commercials for Deadly Creatures.

THQ is the largest shovelware maker for the wii by far. They must say its like a monopoly box to excuse 90 percent of their launches(excluding Deadly creatures and Deblob which was more succesful than their shovelware).Its embarrasing from the n1 one shovelware company to state that.
They say:We are failing cuz we are making lots of shovelware that doesnt sell, ergo, we will make more!but this is an old thread.let it die along with this sad pr from a pissed and probably threatened worker.

It just blows my mind that a machine that gets drug out of the closet once a month has a tie rate of over 6. I guess every game gets played one time. Maybe Wii owners are so stupid we don't know those funny little round disk are reusable.

So Wii looses THQ at least its not like Sony loosing Activision Blizzard. THQ blows anyways I haven't bought a game from them , well come to think of it. I've never bought a game from them, THQ just plain sucks. Really all THQ does are cartoon and film liscenses. They make a couple crappy cartoon games that kids eat up and some wrestling games that sell to a small amount of people who still think Wrestling is real!

In the end I'd much rather see THQ go bye bye then a bigger publisher like Activision. Screw THQ gimme some COD and I'm good. Poor Sony hope Activision Blizzard follows through with their threat! Plus THQ would be foolish to withdraw from Wii, its the only way their gonna turn things around!

If THQ had been smart they would have gotten the High Voltage contract like Sega did and their hardcore game would actually sell. Give Hardcore gamers what hard core gamers want. Great FPS/Platformer titles with great online modes. Not to mention their are more then enough over hyped games just waiting to get picked up by a publisher. How about picking up Nibris and publishing their over hyped titles?

Think with your head THQ, low dev costs plus huge user base = profit. You just have to target the right gamers and lets be honest Dangerous Creatures was hardly an example of a hardcore game!


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hm, maybe if you stopped making shit games, youd sell something, THQ

SaviorX said:

"The entire industry in its haste to make a quick buck has cultivated a consumer that only wants hollywood calibur formulaic hardcore games. No wonder unique and fringe Genres are struggling, you have an industry now where the target consumer is either school kids who think anything with explosions and guns is cool or frat boys that wouldn't even be playing video games today if it wasn't for the original Xbox and prevailing hardcore trends cemented by the 360 and PS3. There's a reason why JRPGs are dying and failing in sales. There's a reason why any game that isn't hardcore, grimdark or gritty is relegated to mediocrity outside of non-gaming circles. Congratulations Gaming Industry, you somehow managed to replace the typical tried and true JRPG grinding, platforming jumping, Japanese Developer loving Core gamer with a Xenophobic, anti-anything Japanese targeted, piracy-prone, Hardcore, Spike TV-watching Subnormer who thinks Halo is the best game ever made and only plays video games so he can shit talk 13 year olds online and frag his brah Skeeter."


I agree with you completely here; what you wrote was awesome. The bolded part describes what has happened to an exact tee.


I know, that was absolutely my favorite part. The scary thing. Is that my "HARDCORE" gamer friends pretty much fit this profile.

Squilliam: On Vgcharts its a commonly accepted practice to twist the bounds of plausibility in order to support your argument or agenda so I think its pretty cool that this gives me the precedent to say whatever I damn well please.

Procrastinato said:
HappySqurriel said:

In completely unrelated news THQ has posted a loss of $431 Million in 2009 due to the rising costs associated with the high development cost and poor sales of their HD games ...



This is totally related.  They mentioned they canned a bunch of hardcore Wii titles, not a bunch of hardcore HD titles.  They usually can the ones eating up too much money...

The majority of their R&D on the HD titles they released recently was spent 1+ years ago, bud -- you, know, when they were profitable.  A bunch of devs probably believed they could develop serious Wii games for dirt cheap, THQ bit, and then a zillion rising-cost titles kept demanding more money, because "oops" they underbudgeted.

You don't seriously believe their recent losses are the R&D costs of their titles that hit the shelves that quarter, do you?

oh please where do people like you come from? do you honestly think a loss of  $431 million is due to canned Wii games and Wii R &D? Hell if they spent that much on the Wii then we would see 10 x AAA titles at $43million each.



Should be titled. Wii is a nightmare for bad third party games.Other then WWE games. I have no idea what they even make.

9Chiba said:
hm, maybe if you stopped making shit games, youd sell something, THQ

Or giving the Wii some of their genuinely good games, like something from the Saints Row series (could be either a remake of 2 or an original game), and make sure they actually market it.

A flashy-first game is awesome when it comes out. A great-first game is awesome forever.

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