wii has more than 50% of install base according to next gen wars

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rough total wii over 50mil 360 29mil ps3 21mil

it's been ages since i had looked at that site.

I trust vgchartz though.

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wow that site still exists?

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I found VGC through that site, lol. So innacurate.

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the numbers as of now are as follows.

wii= 50,394,041

360= 28,085,939




Next Gen Wars is DEAD. The system used an algorithm that updates every few seconds. The moderator would alter the algorithm and update the numbers periodically. Neither has been done for over a year. The site is dead. Though I haven't visitied in months, so I guess maybe the guy couldn't have come back.

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last time I looked at it they were so far out I shad almost for got about them just went there to see if they had improved

numbers look like someone has made adjustments still not a real tracking site.

I demand an adjustment!

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No they don't.

very innacurate site