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As everyone knows the PS3 is widely popular, and is selling millions of game discs. However one thing I would like to point out, and I noticed this when I was skimming through the EULA. (that thing none of you read) There is absolutely no mention of Sony's policy, should your PS3 explode So when your PS3 blows up. You loose EVERYTHING. Unless you ship it back to Sony and pay $500 to get it fixed. EG: You buy 400$ worth of games. Your PS3 smokes after 6 months for some freakish reason. You have 2 choices. 1. Buy a new PS3, to play the games you wanna play. 2. Send the PS3 back to sony, and wait 6 weeks for it to come back. And pay some ungodly ammount to have it fixed. Am I the only person who has noticed that? Sony's games are only playable on a working PS3 system. I tested it the other day. I started to play Resistance on my friend's 360 yesterday. I got a disc read error immediately after it started. That means if my PS3 smokes. I can't play my games on another console. The games are linked to the PS3. Not you. How ridiculous is that?

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I agree that Kwaad's VC thread is nothing more than yet another thinly veiled troll of the Wii. However, that said, if you would like to comment on the merits of that topic, please do so in the appropriate thread. I'm inclined to lock this until Wii_Gamer can take a look at it. It's nothing personal, and like I said, I agree that Kwaad's VC thread was ridiculous, however I would like to set a precedent that this type of retaliatory thread is not exactly conducive to making this forum into the type of community we're looking for. If you are genuinely interested in discussing possible warranty and/or reliability issues with the PlayStation 3, you are more than welcome to make another thread with a less confrontational OP.

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