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How did your country do? Do you think you will qualify for the world cup?


Im from Chile and we won against Peru 3 to 1 in Lima, I think we will qualify and that would be great since we kinda suck and the last WC we went was France 98.

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England, we play Ukraine on wednesday, we beat Slovakia in a friendly at the weekend 4-0

Mexico won against Costa Rica last Saturday, and we vs Honduras this wednesday. I really have no doubt that we will make it to the World Cup, but I do wonder how far we will make it :


skeezer said:
Mexico won against Costa Rica last Saturday, and we vs Honduras this wednesday. I really have no doubt that we will make it to the World Cup, but I do wonder how far we will make it :


 Its hard to know since the teams you could enounter in the WC are very superior to the ones in your area, you qualify easy, but the lack of competitivity in the concacaf may affect you. Anyway, mexico has great players so I think you could make it far.

@ Sci Fi boy:england will surely qualify.

^ i said that for the Euros. It was almost a certainty that we would qualify the players became complacecent and we didnt make it. England didnt deserve to make it in the end Russia deserved it there players hearts were in it.

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I'm sooo gutted I missed the England game! I just had other things on my mind and completely forgot, it wouldn't have been the most exciting England game but its still great to watch your country play in a match which matters.

Well theres still Wednesday to look forward to

How many qualify in euro, north america/central and Asia? In south america there are 4 and the 5th plays against Australia to see if they make it to the WC.

The Netherlands 3 - 0 Scottland

Next up Macedonia

If we don't qualify we'll slaughter the coach

en de schoonzoon van de bondscoach

Africa: 53 teams are competing for 5 places (besides host South Africa)
(After a preliminary round in October/November 2007, 48 teams contested the second stage. The 12 group winners and the eight best runner-ups advanced into the third stage, which began in March 2009 in 5 groups.)

Europe: 53 teams, 13 places
(When the group phase of European Zone qualifying reaches its conclusion on 14 October 2009, the nine section winners will be guaranteed a place at the 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa™. Thereafter, the eight best runners-up will compete in two-legged play-offs, with the continent's four remaining tickets to the world finals at stake.)

South America: 10 teams, 4.5 places
(The top four go through by right, with the side finishing fifth going into a play-off with the fourth-placed side from the North, Central America and Caribbean Zone.)

Asia: 43 teams, 4.5 places
(After three preliminary rounds, ten Asian teams are currently playing the fourth round which consists of two groups of five teams. The two group winners and the two group runners-up will qualify for the South Africa. The third-placed teams from each group will play a home-and-away play-off, with the winner advancing to the inter-confederation play-off with New Zealand.)

N/C America & Caribbean: 35 teams, 3.5 places
(Twelve teams are contesting Round 3 of North, Central America and Caribbean qualifying. The top two from each of the three groups will advance to the final hexagonal stage, from where three sides will qualify directly for South Africa 2010 and the fourth-placed team will take on the fifth-placed finisher in South American qualifying for a place at the world finals.)

Oceania: 10 teams, 0.5 places
(New Zealand won the Oceanian qualifying section and will now play off against the side who finish fifth in Asian Zone qualifying for a place at South Africa 2010.) NOTE: Australia plays in the Asian qualifyings, not in the Oceanian.


On topic: Yes, Germany will qualify. As usual.
Lazy game against Liechtenstein last Saturday, next game on Wednesday in Cardiff against Wales will certainly be harder, but also doable. By far the strongest competitor for place one in the qualifying group: Russia.

Argentina 4 - Venezuela 0

Meh match, against a horrible team. Don't care about how Argentina does, but I watched it anyways. It was kinda boring, Venezuela barely opposed resistance

On the other hand, I watched Ecuador 1 - Brazil 1, I had never seen Brazil play so horrible, if Júlio César hadn't been there and Ecuador's forwards didn't finish that bad, they would have lost by 5 goals EASILY