UnReal Prediction *1* - Miyamoto's Death Will Kill Nintendo! (Vote In Poll)

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While I definatley think it will impact Nintendo it will far from shut them down. After all Nintendo has been around alot longer than Miyamoto. Either way that will be a sad day for gamers everywhere.

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sad for miyamoto & nintendo fans

I doubt your halo/COD addict would care much

That guy is immortal.
And by the way, Jerry......are you planning on taking over the forums? Ive seen loads of these UnReal threads about

nah theyll be fine, hes more of an overseer now. i reckon they should replace him with suda 51 or nat least try to

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They existed for like 100 years without him, they will stay for a few centuries.

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@ jerry

actually i'm a Halo / COD addict and I have about 20 friends that are the same and we would all be upset. Don't judge people based off biased beliefs about games. Believe it or not there are Halo players that aren't 12 year old cussing punks. In fact there are millions of people who play Halo that are serious gamers besides just FPS.


ok....guess I under-estimate his popularity


Aonuma's good too, though not a producer.

Sad thread :(

But no.

The one who created the gameboy (I don't remember his name) died a few years ago and Ninty is still the king of handles, in fact the DS is the most successfull console ever, so I don't think so.

To have such vision in one man is something that will not be replicated. But Nintendo is at the point where they have the best of the best in Japanese talent working for them. I mean, you have to have 5 years industry experience to even get on board in Nintendo nowadays, and their team directors that work under Miyamoto in EAD are excellent in their own right


Worst case scenario: Nintendo loses its sense of singular vision. The games will stay similar quality, but it won't be part of a grand, unified scheme for EAD

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