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I can think of many improvements they can make for the next Zelda games, but we have to be careful not to change the core ideal of "Zelda" itself. Too big of a departure, no matter how well made, will not be welcomed by a significant portion of it's fanbase.

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I really dont understand some of you people. TP doesn't look good visually? What the hell is wrong with you?! Thats like saying Ocarina of time (one of the top 10 games of all time) looks like freshly made dog crap. You people are way too critical, go buy a 36" DLP and maybe some components, you might be able to see what your playing and realize that it does look good compared to watching it on your 12" black n white RCA tv.

Gotta say i thought TP was perfect , thoroughly enjoyed every second of it sadly it ended . Ah well ffxii here i come lol . Sleep is out of the question for the next few weeks .

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