Better trailer: FFXIII or FFCC:CB?

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It is a simple thread really.


Both FFXIII and FFCC:CB got trailers that were released today.

FFXIII has been hyped since the announcement of the PS3 and has gone through great lengths and several years of development, decides to be shared with another console and we now finally have a comprehensive, detailed look of how the game will look and somewhat of a gameplay plan due to the trailer.

Meanwhile, FFCC:CB went from a sequal of FFCC for the Gamecube, mysteriously disappearing for a year or two, and now looks completly different with telekinesis and stuff.


So, what trailer do you think was most important? Which trailer needed to be released today to ease your pain? Which trailer answered the most questions? Which trailer made you want to buy the game, or ditch it entirely?


IMO, both trailers were terrific, answered many questions but left some unanswered. FFCC:CB showed us that it was far from dead, looked unique and awesome to play, yet I still don't know what it is about. The same with FFXIII. Despite the killer graphics, it appeared to be as confusing as ever with the storyline. The gameplay for both looked awesome and I hope that when we get a better understanding of what these games are (they are only trailers, of course) I'm sure both will be great games. Notice how I politically avoided the questions, huh =P


Civilized convo. as best as possible please.

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