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Killzone 2 or resistence 2 ? Which one gonna be the best ?

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I got resistance 2 and it feels like it's kind of getting old. I think (I know) killzone 2 will be better than resistance 2. and will not age in my eyes for a while


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As I've been saying since the beta of both games, Killzone 2 is the far superior game.

After playing Resistance 2, for some time, i figured out that it's multiplayer component, is quite unbalanced. Great game, but i hope Killzone 2 will be balanced.

I used to think Resistance 2 would be the better game. And it is fantastic. But Killzone 2 has been getting so much ridiculously high praise, I think it could end up being superior.


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I love Resistance 2,and I havent had the chance to play Killzone 2(however,looks so amazing).

So,Resistance 2(for now)



i hope KZ will be better after all it has a cover system something most FPS don't have these days


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They both are amazing, but with that said, KZ2 is better. R2 does have a sweet multiplayer and co-op setup though.

killzone 2. no contest here

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I originally thought R2 would be superior to KZ2, but I currently doubt that will be the case. If KZ2 is better than Resistance, which I consider a high-quality series, then Guerilla will have delivered on the promise and justified the hype.