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Either way, if the PS3 sells over 750,000 in march in Europe. I think you might as well consider Europe sony.

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Kwaad said: Either way, if the PS3 sells over 750,000 in march in Europe. I think you might as well consider Europe sony.
Console wars aren't won in a single day. It's a long term battle for market share, and although first day sales are important, it's not the whole story. Saturn outsold PS1 near 2:1 at launch, but lost out in the long run. Why would you expect Europe to be any different?

Leo-j said: If a dvd for a pc game holds what? Crysis at 3000p or something, why in the world cant a blu-ray disc do the same?

ssj12 said: Player specific decoders are nothing more than specialized GPUs. Gran Turismo is the trust driving simulator of them all. 

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Kwaad said: Death2009 said: Sony is getting bitchslapped by Nintendo in Japan..Japan is wii land. Sorry but it's true. It's a two horse race in the US between Nintendo and MS, Europe may be SONY'S LAST STAND! Wow. That sounds so fanboyish. I'll leave it at that.
No, this is based on the sales. Even this site shows the wii is outselling the PS3 by almost 1 million consoles. So what you said was fanboyish, which everybody here knows you are a major sony fanboy. Wii 1.75 Million In Japan PS3 730,000 in Japan Nuff said. Look at the front page. Xbox 5.69 in America Wii 2.04 in America PS3 1.27 in America Front page Nuff said. Playstation 3 vs Xbox360 in America Playstation 3 vs Wii in America Playstation 3 vs Wii in Japan Need I say more? PS3 is getting slapped around. And this is coming from a person who has owned the PS1 and PS2 and favors the PSP over the DS. Not fanboyish, just facts sir! Sony is getting slapped around right now.

stof said: And yes, Halo 3 will sell a lot of systems, as it's undoubtably going to be the most anticipated game of this gen.
Just looking at the US, all 3 PS2 GTAs sold more than Halo 2. So did mario 64 but I'm not sure if that counts bundles with the console. I'd say GTA IV is more anticipated. Looking at the world...ugh...too many. Final fantasy games (actually, only VII and X, which you'll notice are the first released on their respective consoles...interesting, eh?), pokeman, 2 mario kart games, of course a ton of other mario games, and lastly, a sony franchise, EVERY SINGLE gran turismo game sold more worldwide than Halo 2. I'd say there are quite a few more anticipated games than Halo 3. Again, I think a lot of people that will buy halo 3 already have the 360 knowing they would want it, but we'll see I guess. I think Microsoft will wait until after the halo 3 sales die down a little to drop the price of the 360, too.

death2009: this thread is supposed to be about the 360. comparing 1 system to the 360 makes sense, but the other 2 consoles compared with huge charts? not cool. btw, the wii is not competition for the ps3 and 360, so just stop comparing them. third party guys will develop games for both systems because they are different. there are SO MANY games that will not be coming out on the wii it's ridiculous. GTA IV, halo 3, FF 13, MGS, etc. The wii will get all the games that the other 2 consoles don't get. The battle is between the PS3 and the 360, and a lot of people (including myself) will choose between those 2 and then get a Wii. The battle for the Wii is with itself. You are being a little short-sighted by calling the US a 2-horse race and not including the ps3, too.

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Well ,I am european and I dont know anybody who has bought the X360 .I have heard that the brother of a friend of the university actually bought one ,but thats about it . The X360 in Europe is doing quite bad ,it was doing very poorly until christmas ,then with Gears of War and the delay of the PS3 and strong shortages of the Wii it had good christmas .But it doesnt seem to have gained too much momentum .The 3.3 million number vgcharts attributes to X360 european sales is totally fantastic ....MS themselves told end november they had sold 1.7 million and sure as hell they didnt sell as well in december as in the USA .Add so-so january numbers and unknow february numbers and you can have 2.5 ,2.6 or at best 2.8 million sold but never more . In its strongest european market ,UK ,it was oversold during the year by the PS2 ,the DS and the PSP after GFcharts .So it was the fourth out of four plattforms (if we consider the Cube ,GBA and Xbox 1 as dead and not counting anymore ) . Dont drool about the PS3 catching the X360 in Europe next year ....it will be this year and probably way before the christmas campaign .

Here in Germany X360 isn't doing very well. Most people don't like the games on it very much and buy a PS2 or a Wii instead. The problem is that the PC is very strong here. People tend to upgrade their PC before buying a console. People prefer Ego-Shooters on PCs here and don't like the controls of ego-shooters very much. Well if it goes on like this our great goverment j/k will be forbidding ego-shooters soon enough. Another reason to leave after I have studied japanese (what was the plan anyways but now I got even more reasons).

washimul said: roadkillers said: gebx said: konnichiwa said: I don't know many people in Europe who haves an Xbox 360 still it is for sure not dead. I think X360 will do it great for years in the US but I think in Europe the PS3 will own the X360 very fast maybe already next year. PS3 in europe will flop! Will be the first next gen system to NOT sell out. Pre-orders already passed the supply. Sorry but try again. at 199 in Europe .......no one wants an x360. with launch of MOTORSTORM in 3 days time US falls to SONY domination. GUNDAM has made shockwaves and with a price cut in some months time..JAPAN would fall to ps3 domination as well.. It all comes down to ps3 vs 2*(nintendo+ ms) by the way CELL is now cheaper + the exclusion of EMOTION ENGINE saves SONY atleast 100$ so SONY might not be loosing a lot per console nowadays
X360 is not selling at 199, it's 299 core and 399 Premium. Greece gets to pay 660 Euros for a PS3 and every single guy i know canceled the pre-order. Also, many European countries get to pay more than 600 Euros and i don't think that people like that... many stores here have imported PS3's and they are... collecting dust. So is the Wii (don't really know why) only the 360 is selling good here

i am a uk resident and the 360 is extreamly popular in England. I bought a copy of crackdown the weekend and ps3 pre orders wer readily avalible so i stand by my 360 proud!

The 360 appears to be doing better in Europe than the XBox did. The original XBox sold 7.78 m, and 360 is already at 3.31 m. With 6 years on the market, vs less than 4, and with a potential tipping point for the system sales-wise being GTA4, I could see 360 ending up with 15 million or more sold in Europe. Thats not too shabby.

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