PS3 stills has a chance for 2nd place?

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^ *sigh* does someone else wanna handle this one?

Did you just wake up this generation?

Ok you've got us - please enlighten us all as to why Microsoft will abruptly stop support of their console a year before the PS3? They won't want to do something stupid like continue to sell software to an install base of 50+million when you can simply blow all your profits away and spend it on R&D on the next console.

Next stop rocket science.

I'm not pretending to be able to predict the future but for the life of me I can't think of a single solitary reason why they would stop support of the 360 and just let the PS3 take over their marketshare. Don't you think they've looked at how the PS2 absolved at lot of the incurred losses of the PS3 for Sony?

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the ps3 doesnt have any chance of to be the 2 place in the end of the generation

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ps3 fanboy ----> wow the ps3 is gonna sell like hotcakes after (insert game here) comes out and will over take both the 360 then teh wii in the next few years.

regular sensible person ----> yeah right if hte ps3 does that then i have a million dollars in my bank account.

so in other words someone is drinking the ps3 coolaid and spikin it with some really good vodka.

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Sony is working very hard to suffocate every remaining chance for success so unless Microsoft commits financial suicide I doubt the PS3 will take anything but dead last.