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None of these are stellar titles until SPM, but a solid lineup nonetheless Feb 27 Densha de Go Mar 8 Bomberman Land Wii Mar 8 Eyeshield 21: Field no Saikyou Senshi Tachi Mar 15 GI Jockey 4 Mar 15 Sonic and the Secret Rings Mar 15 SpongeBob SquarePants: Creature from the Krusty Krab Mar 21 Sangokushi XI Mar 21 Sudoku Mar 22 Cars Mar 29 Mezase!! Tsuri Master Apr 5 Barnyard Apr 19 Furu Furu Park Apr 19 Super Paper Mario Apr 26 One Piece Unlimited Adventure Apr 26 The Dog Island: Hitotsu no Hana no Monogatari Apr 26 Big Brain Academy And some PS3 for comparison: Mar 8 Power Smash 3 / Virtua Tennis 3 Mar 15 Fight Night Round 3 Mar 15 Madden NFL 07 Mar 22 Love Adventure Love x 2 Kiss Mar 22 Mist of Chaos Mar 29 Winning Post 7 Maximum 2007 Mar 31 Bladestorm: The Hundred Years' War Apr 1 Pro Yakyuu Spirits 4

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im looking forward to in order of preference: super paper mario bomberman land wii one piece unlimited adventure (if it comes to US) eyeshield 21 (i doubt it'll come to US) sonic and the secret rings (never really sonic fan due to the speed of that hedgehog) but seems fun

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How can you go wrong with Densya de Go? They should do a direct port of the original, cardboard cut-out people and all. Who doesn't want to be a train driver when they grow up? Seriously though, we'd be likely to purchase the following games: Sangokushi XI - it's a Romance of the Three Kingdoms game. Super Paper Mario Bomberman Land Wii Big Brain Academy (My wife wants this...)

Mar 22 Love Adventure Love x 2 Kiss Mar 22 Mist of Chaos Gotta get those.

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Whoa. Didn't know Brain Academy was dated. Will that game pull good numbers in Japan? On DS it was a million seller... What about Paper Mario? NSMB was a massive hit, and the past Paper Mario games were okay hits in Japan too.

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I don't expect anything much from Big Brain Academy, the same way Monster Hunter didnt lend itself too well for consoles. I'm keeping my eye on the One Piece game. It looks really pretty and I'm digging the art style. It also looks like the actually put effort into an anime licensed game and I hope to see similar graphics on the Wii as the bare minimum!

Here comes the drought again for sony in Japan.

how many of those games can you play online?

I'm quite astounded that Sega hasn't released 'Virtua Cop', or 'House of the Dead' already for the Wii - or that Nintendo hasn't announced/released a simple "light gun style" shooter (even Wii Carnival, or Duck Hunt world tour or something). Trivial game to develop, and sure it would sell through the roof...

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Sure all these sorts of titles are on the way...