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Reading some other thread and Sintinel and Shams mentioned that the 360 was getting very little love lately, and since i'm in a loving mood right now, I figure I'd post some 360 news. XBox Live - The 360 gets "WORMS!" Worms have evolved and are taking no prisoners! Team17 Software Ltd. brings its popular “Worms” franchise to Xbox Live® Arcade, delivering the first turn-based strategy game to the platform. “Worms” will be available for download on Xbox Live Arcade Wednesday, March 7 Events - From March 16-18, join the 72 non-stop hours of intense online action with the GRAW2™ Xbox Live® Weekend. Play online against the Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter® 2 game development team More info on event here - Live weekend event News Crackdown debuted at a respectable number 21 in Japan according to Media Create! Overall Crackdown has overall received good praises from critics, the game isn't perfect (lack of AI is the biggest drawback) but alot of fun and very addicting Buzz Mass Effect as gotten alot of attention, visit the website http://masseffect.bioware.com/ look around, read the blogs, then tell us if it makes you all giddy inside!

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There is bigger news about crackdown rather than being #21 in Japan. I have my ways of finding out X360 sales information. If Crackdown is counted on Feb NPD, everyone will be suprised. If in March..........Even more suprised. Either way, good news about Worms finally coming out - hopefully they can add alot of great content with the memory cap increased.

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Some 360 Luvin #2 ( I was going to put this in a new thread, but I figured "hey, mind as well continue this one) XBox Live - Turtle Power!! Ubisoft has officially announced that it is bringing the classic Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles arcade game to Xbox Live Arcade. The game will be available later this month. News - Dragons and Dreams (and build and play) Lost Odissey coming out this Fall in NA!!!! Confirmed at the GDC. Also Blue Dragon Scheduled to hit NA shelves in August... Finally decent JRPG coming to the 360!! Microsoft announces Dream-Build-Play competition - Design and build an original game for Windows XP SP2 or Xbox 360™† using XNA Game Studio Express and Win $10,000... 20 Winners will be selected!! oh yeah and your game gets published!! http://www.dreambuildplay.com/main/default.aspx Buzz - Who's your Daddy?? Overall the footage looks good, theres a few impressive parts, but I think the creepiest part is when the player heads towards the little girl, her skin is all greyish and her eyes look a little bloodshot... Creepy!! Watch the video http://news.teamxbox.com/xbox/12943/BioShock-Hunt-the-Big-Daddy-Footage-in-High-Definition/

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