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Oh hey guys...Umm...Well tommorow is Black Friday and I've been looking at a 50" HDTV....The problem is it is 720p...Is that too bad because I heard that 50" TVs really need 1080p to look good...So is a Samsung 50" 720p HDTV for about $798 a good deal? Or should I get a 42" 720p instead?? Which one would look better??? Oh and the model is Samsung PN50A400 if anyone has it can you tell me about it???


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720p TVs look fine at that size. Not quite as good as most 1080p sets for television (which uses 1080i), but they still look very good.

Unless you have plans for Blu-ray use, I wouldn't worry about it.

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Oh OK thanks alot...


1080p has only been around for a few years. So I think you will be fine with the bigger set. The 42 would look the best though.