Toys “R” Us - two-day ‘50% off select Wii games’ sale kicks off tomorrow

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This let me get fire emblem, 25 was a great price


NOW A PUNISHER CAB!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Hmm I'll pick up Fire Emblem. Is it in stores too or online only? I dont care to wait for a game via online ordering.

has anyone gotten this to work? I really want fire emblem but all the games except REUC come out as 49.99 on the site. Fire Emblem has a 24.99 link but it says not available and has for the last two days.

Bah fuck toys r us ,I went there at 1:37 pm today . Ask about the sale Manager said it was over at 1pm . They didn't even have Fire Emblem in stock. looked like the sale went pretty well MP3 , BW2, and RE:UC only had couple copies left. Left with a 2000 point wii card and a nun-chuck pissed .

OMG! I just converted my extra change to cash and I got a little more than $25!
Fire Emblem! I will have you!

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I really want to get Fire Emblem but they don't have it online and the store never restocked the game after they sold all of the initial shipment. This makes me sad :( .

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I have all these games.

Ironically, I bought FE and BWii last November in a Buy 2 and Get 1 free sale.
My wife has kept those games for gifts. (The other game was Rayman RR2, which I got for Christmas).

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I picked up Fire Emblem. :D I went in on my lunch around 1:30 and the guy said it started at 3.... so I came back at 6:30 and picked up a copy. I am now playing a great game. ^_^

If I had some money I'd be all over FE and REUC.

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