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The 360's answer to Haze.

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The nice thing about these review scores is that it shows Microsoft doesn't pay to have good reviews... (Or they couldn't even afford to do that)...

I have the game on pre-order and will still get it, but averaging below 70% was lower then I thought it would go... Hopefully SK will learn for the next one. I would liken this game to Lair... Both have really good ideas, but execution seems to be fundamentally flawed at this point.

Why is it that companies that made amazing games when they were owned by Nintendo move to Microsoft and can't make a good game to save their lives.

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perhaps its because he enjoyed the demo and can see the good from the reviews too personally the one that i think is most spot on is xplay video review and ign's the most.

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Too Human miss Haze. It is still 68.
It can't move more then 1-2 point now.