Is Microsoft/Sony/Nintendo Republican or Democrat? The answer here!

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According to the Huffingtonpost,

Nintendo is pretty neutral, though 2 employees of Nintendo donated to the Democrats

Sony is Democrat leaning as the President of Sony Howard Stringer, donated the maximum amounts to Hillary Clinton, the DNC and now switching to Barack Obama. While 88% of its employees donate to the DNC and 12% to the RNC

Microsoft however is back and forth...I guess Bill Gates is still bitter about Bill Clinton going after Microsoft during his administration and caused him to vote Bush in 2000 but Kerry for 2004. However, he's leaning towards John McCain since he has no "Big Tax Hike" that Obama is pushing towards rich folks. He did donate to both but more to John McCain. and 56% of his employees donated to Obama and 44% to McCain.

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It's gotta be tough for these companies... with both parties developing a case of "Blame the people that don't vote"

Both are hard on entertainment companies. Surprised about Stringer. He seemed pretty republican to me.

Then again John McCain wants heavy campaign finance reform.  Hard to picture him getting too much support from big companies.