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sieanr said:
Q_A_X said:
Quality, not quantitiy of games. The 360 has a lot of crap coming out, whereas the PS3 has an abundance of high quality titles.


This is the same thing Nintendo fans said during the Gamecube and N64 eras. Literally the exact same thing, except it was the PS1/2 that had the overabundance of crap titles. 

You clearly made that up...



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Dodece said:
Sony must not allow themselves to be taunted by Microsoft. To allow Microsoft to control the agenda, because if that happens and Sony falls into lock step. The result will be the obliteration of their gaming division. Microsoft has an ulterior motive. Yes they want to outsell Sony, but more then that they want to force Sony to spend countless billions fighting them tooth and nail. Microsoft will come out better not just for having more money. They have a better economic strategy this generation. Microsoft can make the war brutal without being unprofitable. Anything that Sony will do now has to be unprofitable. To put it as simply as possible the more money Sony is forced to spend the less likely there will be a PS4.

Sony makes consoles to make money, I know difficult concept to grasp. However if all Sony does is lose billions on console gaming eventually they will leave the market. Microsoft is not going anywhere and neither is Nintendo, so if Sony wants to compete they have to show an ability to be cost effective. That means they have to find a way to make money. I have said it before and I will say it again perhaps the best thing Sony could do right now this very moment is start to charge for its online service just like Microsoft. Find themselves a little more liquid cash to help them be more aggressive on multiple fronts. Like purchasing exclusives, and perhaps to fund later price cuts.

While what you are saying is a possible scenario, let's not forget that Nintendo was NOT first for two generations straight. They were 2nd during the PSOne days and then third last gen. Now, they have bounced back. The same could happen for SONY. "Nintendo" was the household name. Later, it was "PlayStation." Now, is seems to be "Nintendo Wii" if not "Wii." I wouldn't doubt it would be "PlayStation" again when you consider the fact that SONY's PlayStation isn't in the same situation as Nintendo was during the last two gens.

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Noobie said:

I think PS3 is not going to bounce back now with the coming XBOX price cut... Sony's arrogance and bad PR has costed them this generation... saying 2009, 2010, 2011..... is going to be PS3 domination years are just like living in fool's paradise...

XBOX has more games, better online experience, more exclusives.. just look at this exclusive list for 2008... Sony is no match... and then now Sony has much much higher price... so i think sony is not going to pass even 50 million this generation... anyway repeating their mistakes is of no use... but i believe now Sony fans should accept the fact that they r going to be last this generation... and maybe they made a bad choice.


Sony PlayStation 3 Exclusives

Game Publisher Release Date
MLB 08: The Show SCEA 4-Mar-08
Hot Shots Golf: Out of Bounds SCEA 18-Mar-08
Gran Turismo 5 Prologue SCEA 15-Apr-08
Haze Ubisoft 20-May-08
SingStar SCEA 20-May-08
Metal Gear Solid 4:
Guns of the Patriots
Konami 12-Jun-08
Disgaea 3: Absence of Justice Atlus 18-Aug-08
Buzz! Quiz TV SCEA 23-Sep-08
MotorStorm: Pacific Rift SCEA 7-Oct-08
Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm Namco Bandai 14-Oct-08
SCEA 14-Oct-08
SingStar Vol. 2 SCEA 21-Oct-08
Resistance 2 SCEA 4-Nov-08
Valkyria Chronicles Sega TBD Nov-08
LittleBigPlanet SCEA TBD Oct-08

PlayStation Network Exclusives

Game Publisher Release Date
PixelJunk Monsters SCEA 24-Jan-08
Go! Sports Skydiving SCEA 7-Feb-08
echochrome SCEA 1-Mar-08
Novastrike Tiki Games Inc 5-Jun-08
Elefunk SCEE 17-Jul-08
Siren: Blood Curse SCEA 24-Jul-08
PixelJunk Eden SCEA 31-Jul-08
Linger In-Shadow SCEE Q3 2008
Wipeout HD SCEA Q3 2008
Ratchet & Clank: Quest for Booty SCEA Q4 2008
*The Last Guy SCEA TBA 2008
Crash Commando SCEA TBA 2008
Dark Mist SCEA TBA 2008
Ember SCEA TBA 2008
Fat Princess SCEA TBA 2008
Flower SCEA TBA 2008
Jeopardy (2008) SCEA TBA 2008
Ragdoll Kung Fu: Fists of Plastic SCEA TBA 2008
Sky Blue SCEA TBA 2008
Wheel of Fortune (2008)


Microsoft Xbox 360 Retail Disc Exclusives

Game Publisher Release Date

Kingdom Under Fire: Circle of Doom Microsoft Games Studios 8-Jan-08
Culdcept SAGA Namco Bandai 5-Feb-08
Lost Odyssey Microsoft Games Studios 12-Feb-08
Ninja Gaiden II Microsoft Games Studios 3-Jun-08
Operation Darkness Atlus 24-Jun-08
Too Human Microsoft Games Studios 19-Jul-08
Spectral Force 3 Atlus 29-Jul-08
Tales of Vesperia Namco Bandai 26-Aug-08
Infinite Undiscovery Square Enix 1-Sep-08
Viva Pinata: Trouble in Paradise Microsoft Games Studios 2-Sep-08
Zoids Assault Atlus 9-Sep-08
Guilty Gear 2: Overture Aksys Games 30-Sep-08
Mobile Ops: The One Year War Namco Bandai 1-Oct-08
Fable II Microsoft Games Studios 21-Oct-08
Gears of War 2 Microsoft Games Studios 7-Nov-08
Indianapolis 500 Evolution Destineer 18-Nov-08
The Last Remnant * Square Enix 20-Nov-08
Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts Microsoft Games Studios 25-Nov-08
RACE Pro Atari TBA 2008
You’re in the Movies Codemasters TBA 2008
Onechanbara: vorteX D3 Publisher TBA 2008
Spectrial Diario Idea Factory TBA 2008
Dance Dance Revolution Universe 3 Konami TBA 2008
Lips Microsoft Games Studios TBA 2008
Scene it? Box Office Smash Microsoft Games Studios TBA 2008
Naruto: The Broken Bond Ubisoft TBA 2008

* - Timed Exclusive

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Game Publisher Release Date

Tron Disney Interactive 9-Jan-08
Omega Five Hudson Soft 9-Jan-08
Rez HD Q Entertainment 30-Jan-08
Chessmaster LIVE Ubisoft 30-Jan-08
Poker Smash Void Star Creations 6-Feb-08
Discs of Tron Disney Interactive 13-Feb-08
Undertow: Path of the Elect Chair Entertainment 5-Mar-08
TiQal Microsoft Games Studios 26-Mar-08
Mr. Driller Online Namco Bandai 2-Apr-08
BattleZone Atari 16-Apr-08
Rocky and Bullwinkle Microsoft Games Studios 16-Apr-08
Lost Cities Sierra Online 23-Apr-08
Wits & Wagers Microsoft Games Studios 7-May-08
Assault Heroes 2 Sierra Online 14-May-08
Sea Life Safari Sierra Online 18-May-08
Warlords Atari 28-May-08
Ticket to Ride Playful Entertainment Inc 25-Jun-08
SoulCalibur Namco Bandai 2-Jul-08
Golf: Tee it Up Activision 9-Jul-08
Schizoid Torpex Games 9-Jul-08
Coffeetime Crosswords Konami 16-Jul-08
Go! Go! Break Steady Microsoft Games Studios 23-Jul-08
Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved 2 Activision 30-Jul-08
Fable II Pub Games Microsoft Games Studios 13-Aug-08
Galactic Commando - Excalibur 3000AD Q3 2008
Pirates vs. Ninjas Dodgeball Gamecock Media Group Q3 2008
Defense Grid: The Awakening Microsoft Games Studios Q3 2008
Braid Number None Inc Q3 2008
Castle Crashers The Behemoth Q3 2008
Zombie Wranglers Vivendi Games Q3 2008
1 vs. 100 Live Endemol Q4 2008
Vigilante 8: Arcade Activision TBA 2008
DogTag Digital Jesters TBA 2008
Banjo-Kazooie: Stop ‘N’ Swop Microsoft Games Studios TBA 2008
Mutant Storm 2 Microsoft Games Studios TBA 2008
The Dishwasher: Dead Samurai Microsoft Games Studios TBA 2008
Uno Rush Microsoft Games Studios TBA 2008
Galaga Legions Namco Bandai TBA 2008
Namco Museum: Virtual Arcade Namco Bandai TBA 2008
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The Maw Twisted Pixel TBA 2008
Portal: Still Alive Valve TBA 2008

Sure last but not the least...happy now? But to concede that I made the wrong console choice is just impossible. For me, ps3 was, is and still will be the best choice for my gaming needs this gen. Seems like a stretch so I'll elaborate

1. VERY IMPORTANT: ONE console plays all my games (both OLD and new)

2. Sure 360 has more games but I've never been one to buy that many games...only a select few and many more at the end of the console's life. This point could go either way.

3. I'd rather have the dualshock 3 in wait for Street Fighter and I prefer it for any kind of gaming anyway 



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I think its just the opposite.

X360 dropped its price last august 2007 and managed but a one month and a half boost.This year 2008 sales from january to June have been around the same as 2007 prior to the price drop.

In others they are about 50K units weekly and being very generous( I mean ,the others others numbers are absolutely off as the Corean LTD numbers of the 360 when the Wii was released demostrate)..and that after two price drops ,one of them truly massive.

On the other hand ,Sony price drop last year managed to double and nearly triple the PS3 sales.And that has SUSTAINED over time.

X360 has nearly shot its last cartridge and can only barely outsell PS3 due to PS3 shortages due to the introduction of the new SKU.

BUT ,lets think a bit and try to imagine what will happen when the PS3 actually drops its price.

Is it just me, or a lot of those exclusives he listed likely going to suck? (especially on the 360)

At least 1/3 of those 360 exclusives (not including PSN) should be removed

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THIS thread is an epic fail.

you said sony fans made a bad choice? why is it a bad choice for a consumer just because the company who makes their console isn't selling as well as its competitors? its not like sony is giving up on making games.. and they aren't going to by any means.

why should it matter to a consumer that the company isn't selling as much? the only thing that should matter to gamers is the games. i got a ps3 because it has metal gear and gran turismo. i don't and i shouldn't care about how the company is doing, because i know already that they will continue to pump out the games that i want.

do you go into a game shop to buy a console based on just how popular it is? if so, you're not a gamer. you're just someone who likes to ride fads.

this is why this thread is an epic fail.

Frankly the entire console war is a bust since PC has the strongest game line-up and following.

But since this thread is about 360 vs PS3, I will straight up say that the PS3 still has a massive chance of 2nd place this generation.

1. Sony is finally getting rid of the multi-SKU crap and focusing on one.

2. released their Greatest Hits collection which means some games are $29.99 versus $59.99.

3. Improving upon their system through updates to the PSN and PS3 firmware.

4. The HD format war is over and Blu-ray is starting to eat away at DVD's market share. As the PS3 receives price cuts or upgrades instead of price cuts customers will see greater value in having a game console with a build in Blu-ray player.

5. Releasing great first party exclusive titles as well as having strong 2nd/3rd party support.

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Amazing discussion about being wrong
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Microsoft paid Sony to lose this generation. Lol, j/k. Yeah, I almsot don't want things to get worse for Sony, because the worse they get the more forums like this are flooded with compensatory support group threads decreeing the PS3's supperiority in spite of such hardship or speculate it's Jesus like return from the dead given any number of future variables.

I know its a slow period for Gaming news but I don't think the forum could survive another hardship for Sony.

KZ2 said:
Xen said:
Blah blah blah... keep going. The current console war is between M$ and Sony... the Wii doesn't compete with these two... it's both older technology and rakes most of its profits from the casual market, unlike the PS360.

I agree with this. VGC consists of over 60% pro Nintendo fans. 70% of the members of this site I believe own a Wii. So we have to say the Wii is competing with PS3 and X360 so no one complains.


The same thing can be said about the PSP and DS - older technology, "casual" profits. The DS still ended up taking plenty of games. Just because the Wii isn't an HD clone doesn't mean you can leave it out of current-gen consoles like it doesn't exist. It has had a slow start for third parties, but it's getting there.

Jordahn said:
While what you are saying is a possible scenario, let's not forget that Nintendo was NOT first for two generations straight. They were 2nd during the PSOne days and then third last gen. Now, they have bounced back. The same could happen for SONY. "Nintendo" was the household name. Later, it was "PlayStation." Now, is seems to be "Nintendo Wii" if not "Wii." I wouldn't doubt it would be "PlayStation" again when you consider the fact that SONY's PlayStation isn't in the same situation as Nintendo was during the last two gens.

Of course Sony can bounce back, assuming they've learned from this generation. However, you speak of Nintendo like they were in a much worse position than they were - people seem to forget Nintendo focuses on profits. They can afford a failure, a third place console like the GCN, because they still profit off of it - compare this to the Xbox, which sold just slightly more yet ended up losing $4 billion. Staying in the business is not all about marketshare, it's about making profits. If Sony ends up with losses for the PS3, they aren't necessarily in a better position than Nintendo was before the Wii. I'm not saying ending with a large marketshare isn't important, but if the company doesn't make money there's no point in continuing - even Microsoft has its limits.

LOL... I dont post much her, just read mostly on this site but I must say that this is by far 1 of the most ignorant post's I have seen on here for quite a while. This fool has absolutely NO IDEA wtf he is talking about. Plz go troll your propoganda some were else so I dont accidently click on one of these again. "Back to real discussions I go"

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