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shams said:

I cannot believe that only ONE PERSON in this thread has mentioned Akira! The Grand-daddy of all (?) anime! 

 Akira the grand daddy of anime.. HELL NO.

The first true anime, not a short minute long episode, was Astro Boy.

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Ninja Scroll was great too.




I used to think Ninja Scroll was awesome, but then I watched other anime. Ninja Scroll is average. It tries to hard to be adult and edgy, but then alot of the 80's animes did. Demon City Shinjuku was sorta the same. But I enjoyed them both at the time.

Bleach is incredible. There's a bit of filler in the middle, but not near as bad as naruto. I think the last 50 or 70 episodes of Naruto were filler. Shippuuden is excelent, again.

DBZ is the old mainstay, but the more other anime I see, the more I realize how rough around the edges DBZ really is. Chobits was cute, and a good one to watch with your girl. Escaflowne is the best giant robot anime ever (I hate gundam, BTW. Too depressing.) Outlaw Star is just overall good action anime. Cowboy Bebop is the quintessential space opera. Trigun is also one of my most favorite.

I just started Azumanga Daioh. I was hooked on the second episode when Osaka shows up and provides the best description for the inner working of an ADD childs mind I have ever seen.

There are many others I like. Hellsing, Trinity Blood, X (which is also very depressing.)

Anything by Miyazaki is good. He sets the bar for what good anime is.

I did a college paper on Akira. Great movie when you dig into the nitty gritty of its themes. Really screwed up the first time you watch it.

Yeah. I like anime.

Edit: How could I forget: Vampire Hunter D.  And Bloodlust.  Bloodlust is a much better movie in my opinion, but the first one has a bit of charm to it as well.

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Way to many to list so I will just add my absolute favorites:

Rozen Maiden
Full Metal Panic
Fullmetal Alchamist
Pretty Cure
Moon Phase
La Portrit de Pietit Corsett

I could go on for another 4 pages, but I'll stop there for now.

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There aren't nearly enough One Piece watchers in America :(

naznatips said:
There aren't nearly enough One Piece watchers in America :(

I just can't get into it I started watching One Piece and Naruto at the same time and well, Naruto kinda pulled all my attention.




Alacrist said:
naznatips said:
There aren't nearly enough One Piece watchers in America :(

I just can't get into it I started watching One Piece and Naruto at the same time and well, Naruto kinda pulled all my attention.

Unfortunately the beginning of the series is somewhat slowpaced.  It gets progressively better, to the point that now it's at least my 2nd favorite anime.  If you can get through the first 30 episodes or so (I know, that's a lot) the show really picks up from there.

yup. one piece is slow at the begining and it gets more interesting. manga is already at chapter 460+ and i don't see the end anywhere near.

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Well, rant is over. And yea, One Piece is slow start but only get better afterward (unless you are watching anime, filler drops the continuity pretty badly)

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