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http://www.xbox.com/en-US/live/marketplace/moviestv/?WT.svl=nav lists the HD TV and movie offerings on Xbox Live, and is by and large the main reason I want to buy a 360, but the catch, at least to my understanding, is that the service is only available for the US or North America.

I live in Asia - an instant kick in the 'nads.

Has anyone been able to successfully download the HD content from "unauthorized" regions? Please let me know! All I need is a confirmation that it is possible and a link as to how it can be done, and I will buy a 360, but it seems that with the 360's spring firmware update they are eliminating this possibility...

Edit: Not that I want to illegally download the content without paying - the paying part I don't mind - I just want to be able to "illegally" download it but "legally" pay for it! 

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I dunno about movies and such since I've only downloaded one movie ever from Xbox Live, but I do know I made a Japanese account to get demos unavailable in the American market (Eternal Sonata mainly) and it may work for your movie problem. Here is the link of how to do it:


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