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Well if it is shipped;..It will be happening soon anyway..

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Squall_Leonhart said:
Well done to Sony, but i would assume that they are meaning Shipped rather than Sold as usual!

Even if it is sipped more its more than likely the sell through rate is also better...

I think it's shipped, but after the release of MGSIV, this will be sold ^^

Btw the other territories are: middle east, australia, I think some countries in asia...

what is VGcharz number for europe:(not others)?




Yeah, i'm sure they will be sold very quickly Pooper! With the upcoming releases anyway :D

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lol 2nd thread.

the user above me is a child. :D

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LOL neos contributing nothing to the thread and insulting again. who could have forseen it.

Spartan - 4.5 ps3 and 4.8 360 (or close to theose numbers)

Dup thread. Locking.

but still the 360 is real competitive in Europe, who here thinks that the 360 might later this year, or next year collapse in Europe and not be competitive anymore, instead of never really fading away and selling at least 25 to 50% of the PS3 sells the coming years?