Do players of general shooters have issue with Splatoon?

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Ka-pi96 said:
Why would they have issues with it though? It may not be their kind of game and they may not like it, but then they simply wouldn't buy and/or play it. What issues would there be?

Why would anyone have issues with a game they don't like? Surely they can't actually have quantifiable reasons, right? They just wouldn't buy or play it instead of thinking critically about any flaws that may have created such disdain. It's a subjective world after all, where if other people like something you don't, it can never be bad. It's just "not for you."

I actually have no thoughts on Splatoon. I just hate that kind of response.

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Mar1217 said:
AlfredoTurkey said:
Most of them probably consider it a kids game.

And ironically, most of them saying this are children themselves. But you know, wanting to affirm yourself being as old as your other fellow adults by playing  "mature" games are the way to go !

I don't know where this joke started, but incase someone hasn't realized yet, this has literally never been true. Most people who play games for adults are adults.

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UltimateUnknown said:
I generally play typical shooters like COD, OW, Destiny 2, etc. I just got Splatoon 2 a few days ago and really enjoying it. Love the vibrant colours and the overall focus on the objective as opposed to just shooting people.

I do have some concerns over the game's balance though. That stem roller weapon seems a little OP to me but I haven't unlocked much yet, so I've yet to fully test everything out.

Imo a great team can counter any "OP Weapons". 

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I play a lot of shooters. I have had no interest in Splatoon. I might be missing out, but nothing about it looking from the outside makes me want to play it.

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I think the general consensus of the game from other communities like Overwatch is that... it's there.

Most don't have strong interest, but no one is blindly hating on the game either.

At worst, they still poke fun at the "you're a kid, you're a squid" meme.

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Won't let me use my mouse.

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I have been playing BF1 since it released and have not interest in playing splatoon or most nintendo games for that matter, but I don't have any bad feelings towards it either, it just doesn't seem appealing to me. But if nintendo fans love it and think it's the best shooter ever, kudos to them. Besides there's only so much time you can set aside to play games, I only play a few hours every month.

I'll buy Splat2n once I have the Switch in the hopes it has better controls than Splat1, I couldn't adjust to the motion controls, a shame cuz I really wanted to like it.

^ This is the topic in a nutshell

I have no problems with it and I used to mainly play Doom, Quake, UT, Delta Force etcc. Splatoon (even though its 3rd person) is just a nice change from essentially what most FPS are these days.

To me the pinnacle of FPS was Tribes. Jet packs plus guns, plus being able to be anything from a Juggernaut to and engineer class which setup automated defenses around your base was pretty fun back in the early 90%.

Since then gfx just got better and environments got more destructible but beyond the core elements they still are fundamentally the same to me. Haven't really been wowed and said FMD his is the next revolution to FPS.