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See the video below:


Gamespot Article:

Hi-Rez Studios has announced the details of the latest patch for Smite, and while it doesn't add a new character or mode, it does offer something that's arguably better: a Bob Ross skin.

Yes, the famed artist--best known for his TV show, The Joy of Painting--will soon be commemorated in Smite as a skin of Sylvanus. It still places Sylvanus on the shoulder of his tree companion, but it gives him the look of Bob Ross, complete with an easel. His basic attack takes the form of paint that he throws, and one of his abilities sees him plant an adorable tree with a smile. You can see the skin in action around the 46-minute mark of the patch preview on Twitch

.There's actually an entire Bob Ross bundle on the way to Smite, thanks to a partnership with his estate. This gets you not just the skin, but a jump stamp (what you see on the ground when you jump), loading frame, and loading screen. It's priced at 700 Gems or $10 through the Twitch Commerce and launches on May 9 on PC/Mac and May 16 on PS4 and Xbox One.

Source: Gamespot


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Nothing but respect, don't even like Smite but this is amazing xD