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Microsoft should go third party

Yeah 5 83.33%
No 1 16.67%
B-But Kinect! 0 0.00%

- We buy consoles for exclusive games not for TV apps and dumbed down ports which are available and better on PC anyways.

- Microsoft was the prime contributor of online gaming in the previous generations, but they also forced us to pay for their online service for so damn long that now Sony and even Nintendo of all companies are forcing us to pay for online.

- Microsoft clearly wanted to grab us by the pussy with their online DRM policies until they felt the wrath of angry fans which is STILL the main reason why they're losing the console war against Sony to this day.

- Everybody talks shit about how other consoles don't come up with new ip's but what high profile new ip has Microsoft come up with this generation? Rare Replay? And even if it's a new ip, again why buy it on Xbone if it'll sure be available on PC?

- Rare would finally be rescued and released from MS's torture basement and will be able to cume up with more great games for all consoles not just for Xbone with those Kinect minigames.

- Seriously, does anyone of you actually trust Microsoft?



Unlike some other two popular threads on this site this is not a joke thread. Everybody is fooling around looking high and low for legitimate arguments to "one up" their favorite gaming company while bashing it's competition in a very exaggerated manner for its flaws, of course this behavior is nothing new this is a gaming forum after all.

You guys have been pointing your fingers at innocent people here's your real culprit.