So how is Capcom's finantial situation exactly?

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Didn't Dead Rising 3 do okay on the X1? And I'm sure the remasters of DmC and DMC4 brought in decent change.

The question it comes down to is how much SFV cost, how much it made, how much it continues to make via tournaments, licensing clothing etc and microtransactions as well as their season pass.

I'm hoping Capcom will be able to fond their roots and bring back a lot of IPs that are lying dormant. A new DMC, Onimusha and others as well as a a reinvention of Deep Down. I can't see DD doing well as a F2P title but I can see it doing well as a Destiny style of game.

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I know one thing though. MH XX is gonna sell like crazy. So they're probably gonna roll in money soon. And the hype surronding RE7 probably gonna make it sell decently with 2-3M copies.

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Didn't they say a while back that they will only make sequels that sell 1M+ ?

I can't imagine them doing well, or they would push for new IP or bigger games :/

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I don't know for sure but if it wasn't for Monster Hunter, they would be in some trouble.

definitely better they sold over a 1.5 million RE 4, 5, 6s for example

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I'm just waiting for the day they'll go in the way Konami went.
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