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I always repeat 2:38-3:05 rewind ten times

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Saw them live a few months ago, they deserve more exposure, great band.

"Wheel me out to the curb for garbage day"

I miss these girls, hope they come back soon.

I'm totally drunk and stuff, so I hope this works. But I just love Britney Spears so much!

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Eagles - Heartache Tonight.


10 Years...

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Sam Smith still got it actually heard the song for the first time today.

Speaking of MJ apparently he was going to a album with Daft Punk it would have sounded somewhat like this


Also thanks to NHL 19 I listed to this song a bunch of times



Absolutely can't stop listening to this, it's been on loop near constantly for days.

Thankfully I will finally get to play this game next month... well, if everything goes as planned, but it should.