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tokilamockingbrd said:
The only really must have mods typically add visual enhancements, more enemies, new armor + weapon models or skins, etc. Those would not do well on a console because it does not have the extra horsepower to pull it off. Games typically max the system and the only way you see improvements as the devs learn to better optimize the games.

Mods on console of course would be nice, but the must have ones would not be possible. There some cases where a mod would be possible on a console and would make a big difference, but it would be stuff like NMS low flight mod (I am assuming this would not cause the PS4 to crash).

That first paragraph is highly debatable, depends on the game in question.  For Skyrim, I would say the must have mods do inlcude those (Skyrim Flora Overhaul, one of the three big HD texture mods, Open Cities etc) but among the most desirable I would list Falskaar - a DLC sized add on with new lands, quests, a storyline, etc etc - and Enderal: Shards of Order - a total conversion.  Bethesda's games have incredible modding communities with some really excellent big projects. 


As for the topic at hand, I assure you this is one side of a two sided tale.  I have no doubt Sony were perhaps more hard nosed and unreasonable than MS - I mean Sony is King of the Hill while MS is looking for any advantage they can get in the console space.  But I am sure part of the issue is that Sony didn't want the modding launch on PS4 to be the absolutely train wreck it was on Xbox with mod theft and poor regulation of game-damaging mods.  Which would mean Bethesda would need to be more hands on.  I personally find it hilarious they are saying Sony won't let modders do what they wish when they themselves do  not allow anything and everything on Xbox. 

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Honestly fuck Sony. I was going to get Fallout 4 on PS4 to also play it via remote play but fuck that now. I'll get it on XBOX ONE now. Arrogant Sony is back.

Stinks for those that'd use them, but i honestly doubt i'd use them.

Here is a good explanation from a mod author on Reddit as to how Sony has just been jerking everyone around with mods. https://www.reddit.com/r/Fallout/comments/51xk00/ps4_mod_update/d7fpcsq

I can't help but think (or maybe I'm just hoping) that this was a bit of a negotiation ploy. Sony allows mods, but seem to have restrictions that Bethesda found distasteful (perhaps rightly, but I can't comment on that because I have no idea) and instead of acquiesing has taken this fight to the public to perhaps pressure Sony into allowing them to work on the mods the way they want, hence the notice at the end of their message leaving the door open that things can change. I personally wouldn't mind, as I want mods on both Fallout and Skyrim, though I'm certainly not holding out any hope for them at this point, unfortunately. 

It does annoy me that Bethesda and Sony can't seem to get along very well. It sounds like Sony is too restrictive with some of their regulations on the mods, but that hasn't prevented other companies from releasing their mods on the system. I don't really care who is to blame, to be honest, whether the scale tips one way or the other, I just want whichever one of the two (or both) is being stubborn to find a better compromise. 

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Bethesda games are typically best on PC anyway where there are zero mod restrictions... I doubt anyone buys a console with mods as a potential selling point.

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tokilamockingbrd said:
The only really must have mods typically add visual enhancements, more enemies, new armor + weapon models or skins, etc. Those would not do well on a console because it does not have the extra horsepower to pull it off. Games typically max the system and the only way you see improvements as the devs learn to better optimize the games.

Not entirely true as the are many gameplay altering and immersive mods that are often really good for example Skyrim had the likes of Hunterborn, Frostfall and RND which changed the face of the game completely while Fallout NV had Project Nevada that heavily overhaul gameplay. Fallout 4 even has a few as the's a mod that gives the player a bullet time mechanic that is built around using AP so the's some resource management between VATS and Bullet Time.

These particular mods are smaller in size so won't hit the RAM and don't require much horse power.

At the end of the day, I'm sure most people who really want mods already have a gaming PC. I've personally never been a big fan of mods (it's a rabbit hole too easy to tumble down) or Bethesda for that matter (fight me).

It's unfortunate that this is the case, but given the insane amount of flak they're receiving from this and the UHD thing, I bet one of those will change to douse the flames and re-earn trust.

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Wright said:
BraLoD said:

For the last time:

Things aren't only how you think they are, so wait until you know both sides of it before jumping your gun.

No matter how things are on either side, Sony shouldn't interfere with the relationship between the consumer and the game. It's a shouldn't. They're actually doing it, I'm just saying they shouldn't. Unless you can prove to me that Shu Yoshida's best friend is going to die if he allows mods, there's simply no response and no realistic scenario on which Sony, again, should interfere in the previous established panorama. I'm fully aware possibilities exists.

That's a pretty bold statement.  I mean, Atari crashed and burned because of that.  A lack of quality control set back the videogame industry in the west by years.  Nintendo did allow some buggy games through but they did at least require that the code would run.  

Now, I'm not saying that I completely agree with Sony here--I'm kind of torn--but I do understand their point.  Mods were going up on Bethesda's network that had never been tested by anyone.  Some weren't even added by the author.  Random people who wanted to play a certain mod would rip it from a PC site and upload it without knowing if it would work or crash on console.

Seriously, that's not good.  The process with this sucks and that's not up for debate.

In a moral sense, if that is what Sony is having a problem with, then they're in the right.  The problem is that Microsoft has already allowed it instead of standing up for their customers, as well.  The thing is, people don't have a problem with something like this until they actually have a problem.  THEN they get angry about the lack of quality control.  

Overall, this has been a mess from the start.  Mod authors are angry and frustrated.  Console owners, many of whom are on console because it doesn't require the technical acumen of PC, are now in uncharted waters without any help at all.

It sure as heck isn't as simple as saying Sony is arrogant or selfish or that Microsoft and Bethesda are doing god's work.  

BasilZero said:

So that means the PS4 cant run the mods because of insufficient power/memory?

The ultimate irony... 

But muh TFLOPS! 

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