ARK Dev: We’re Excited About PS4, But We Wish Sony Had An Early Access Program

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eww i dont want no broken ass games!

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i don't get why any consumer enjoys playing broken, half-finished games. ..and some times more options can be damaging. i'm really glad i don't have to worry about whether or not a game on psn is done or not. not sure how ms handles that but i'm glad i don't have to worry about that.

Why cant they sell it in its current state?? I mean if the only problem is its an unfinished game then its like 99% of games released these days

^ Fair point above but if their issue is that Sony don't have an early access programme. Just lie and claim it's finished, release it and then continue adding features after.

Or... just finish it.

Hmm, pie.

Volterra_90 said:
Early access suck. I'm glad Sony doesn't have that feature. Basically you act as a beta tester, and you don't have a guarantee that this game will come out.

Yes and no.  Its an option that you can dismiss just like any other option.  What the early access does give you is a chance to try the game for free and decide if its worth your investment.  I did this for Elite Dangerous and it paid off.  I did not do this for Ark because it was still not ready enough for my money.  

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Easy solution, finish your damn game. There are way too many Early Access games that have been out for years with little to no progress. Honestly, just finish the game and release it.

So they want beta testers that instead of being payed for that work, they pay to test? That is ridicule. I don't even pre order games, so there is a less chance of this working for me than me winning the lottery.

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