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Recently I have been reading about Microsoft launching a new XBOX type product in late 2009 or early 2010.  One of the main things mentioned is that there would potentially still be no Blue-Ray Drive and instead would push having no physical media.  This got me thinking about how could Microsoft create and sustain a viable network that could handle this?  My hypothesis, likely way off, is the FCC sale of the 700 Megahertz frequency.  Which just so happens to take affect in 2009.


The federal government already says it has to be used to create a public network.  Could it be used to create a massive and powerful network capable of making digital distribution viable?  I have no where near the technical know how to determine if that would be possible with the 700 Mhz, but the timing of the broadcasters vacating the space and MS supposedly being poised to make a push into digital distribution got me thinking about this possibility.  Is it possible?  Am I way off base that such a network could exist, and if it could, could it provide the bandwidth that is currently hurting digital distribution efforts? 

 Just my thoughts, what does everyone ele think?


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No one else is interested in the auction off of the airwaves and what it could mean in terms of a network?