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Here a talk-area = for Yakuza 5-player. the biggest Yakuza-Game is now for PS3 in the PlayStationStore!

5 amazing japanese citys! 5 playable characters! A dark story with emotions! Have fun @ all

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Sorry, but you can't say that. Shenmue and Yakuza are vastly different games.

Yakuza is more about the story, with lots of repetitive quests and a slew of pointless mini-games.

Shenmue is a structured world you live in and try to find clue's in to progress key story moments. The mini-games have a purpose and are an integral part of the story. Also, theres a way more complex conversation system.

Not trying to ditch Yakuza, but i don't think its anywhere near as good as Shenmue and if a fan of Shenmue goes in expecting the same game, they will be disappointed.
With that said, the cut-scenes and story of yakuza are very enjoyable.

yes, Nem ^^ well.. i love both : P And i buy Yakuza because the Shenmue/Sega-Historie in the past < 3 And now i'm a fan by Yakuza. The games are incredible and so big <3 i have the japanese version (Y5), but i buy it in english too. : ) PS: For me personally, Yakuza 5 has the best ending with Metal Gear Solid 3 and Persona 4.

Catch it now and you have the option to pay double once the remaster on PS4 hits!

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Still on yakuza 4 but I'll be getting this when done. It's actually one of the best ps exclusives.

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I edited the Shenmue reference out of the title.

Looks awesome. Will have to wait until I finish off the Yakuza games I have though.

I really like the Yakuza games, but I'll buy it next year when it's on sale.

The lack of a PS4 day one port being available is a little odd. But I suppose it's because of active install base in JPN where most titles are sold in the series.

planning on make this one of the games on i review on my youtube but i won't be able to play it until Wednesday cause the device i order to  bypass the PS3 HDCP won't arrive here until then

though i already have beaten a imported copy of not just this but all other unlocalized games anyways XD