My first Playstation console is on the way!

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Congratz, i ordered a wiiu yesterday for the same price by the way :P no awesome deal for me from nintendo

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Congrats! I got the same deal too!

Hope you enjoy the games - Uncharted series is fantastic ;D


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Congrats on your purchase, i hope you enjoy it and remember to check out Bloodborne... its pretty good...

tokilamockingbrd said:

The must plays. (Some depend on if you played the last gen version of the game or not)

Tier 1. Must Buys
Witcher 3
Dragon Age: I
Infamous: SS

Tier 2. You wont regret buying (most can be found for cheap too)
Shadow of Mordor
Dying Light
Far Cry 3
Diablo III: ROS
Batman: AK
Woflenstien: TNO/TOB

Tier 3 Games I enjoyed a lot, but might not be for everyone
Destiny (would be higher, but if you have a major backlog to get through you might want to avoid it... can eat thousands of hours if you get sucked in)
Disgea 5 (make it tier 1 if you like SRPGs, its really good)
Tales of Zestria
The Order 1886 (if you get it for 9.99, get it. Takes about 10 hours to plat and it will show you what PS4 can do graphically)
FF14: ARR a great MMO, that plays amazing on the PS4.

You started with Bloodborne...

Gongratz and welcome to the nr1 system for the physical master race.


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I hope u have a good time with this console