What's up with all the bad/mediocre exclusives on Wii U lately

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Devils Third: 44

Mario Tennis: 59


WTF is going on???


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Project Zero's score is too low. I thought it was a pretty good game. Easily an 8/10.

Simple: most of them are filler games, like Amiibo Crap Festival or Mario Tennis Ultra Smash. Rodea is not from Nintendo, it was a troubled Wii game, and Fatal Frame never scored THAT well, even on it's prime during the PS2 days (I believe it scored along the lines of 75-82).

Don't worry tho, I'm sure Xenoblade will score amazingly well later this year (probably 85+).

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Turkish said:

WTF is going on???


Getting a last few quick easy projects out the door while prepping the NX launch lineup.

I predict NX launches in 2017 - not 2016

Edit: nvm I misread de OP

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So you were expecting something different from Mario Tennis and Amiibo Festival? Because those were some of the biggest complainst everybody had about the digital conference. Here is why.

They didn't have anything else than XCX for the holidays, so they rushed those 2 games, wich is quite embarrasing and I hope is only because this has been a low year and it doesn´t repeat next.

DT and Rodea have little to do with Nintendo, they give it a chance and the developers did a bad job that's it.

Fatal Frame is a bit underrated though, is a solid game.

There's no excuse for the low quality of many Nintendo games this Fall but the only one that really bothers me is The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes because A Link Between Worlds was so good.

Im still gonna get Fatal Frame and play Rodea on Wii. I wish Wii U ver was definite but they ported the 3DS ver, WTF!

I'm surprised to see such defense of Fatal Frame. It was pretty bad from what I played. It wasn't scary, it has terrible controls, and it had a really weak narrative with disappointing voice acting delivery.

I don't think I've ever experience such a terrible Nintendo software year on any one platform before this one. Here's to hoping that Performa (hope that's what they call it), Pokken, and Zelda make up for things like Star Fox Zero next year.

Well, this is new.


A bit of filler between this year's summer lineup and next year heavy hitters (also because of the preparation of the NX lineup).

You know it deserves the GOTY.

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