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Ive just started playing it, it seems im doomed for i can even get into the game. Is there anyway it can be made colourblind friendly?

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Jeez, I bet that is rough. Perhaps a mod will come out eventually. I know they had mods with the other games that would change font color.


What specifically is giving you trouble? I'm colorblind and there are a lot of games I've had problems with, but they're usually puzzle games and such. I only have problems with colors of icons on maps and things like that, but never anything I can't work around.

so far what ive seen (or not seen:P) is talking to people, (yellow orange red) when you trying to convice them something or know how they feel about the answer. And also building stuff

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Prob better waiting for a mod. Go to the bethesda community forums and ask someone there in mods section to keep it in mind if they are making