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Who is the rap GOAT? Featuring a few terrible choices

Nas 19 11.05%
Jay Z 5 2.91%
Biggie 9 5.23%
Tupac 49 28.49%
Talib Kweli 0 0.00%
Eminem 80 46.51%
Soulja Boy 5 2.91%
Future 1 0.58%
Drake 2 1.16%
Wiz Khalifa 2 1.16%

Mc Solaar for me ^^

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ps3-sales! said:
stpaulmagic said:
Huh, I never realized until now that basically all my favorite rap is by crews, not solo rappers. Also I learned no one else here shares my taste in rap lol.

After #1 there is no order:
1. Wu Tang Clan
Heltah Skeltah
Company Flow
Big L
Mobb Deep
Eyedea and Abilities

Fuck it, I couldn't choose five so I did ten.

Ok I had to quote you to proove you wrong. Where to start.... 


The Infamous is one of my favorite albums ever. You already know I fuckz with Nas. Actually just discovered Big L and if he had more albums he would be in my list. Wu Tang is amazing. Love their first two alhums although I prefer Wu solo member albums. 

Ok point taken, when I said no one shares my taste I was thinking of the more obscure artists on my list that most have never heard of (Gravediggaz, Co Flow, Killarmy). Glad to hear there's some love for the Wu though, which are your favorite solo albums? Mine are Liquid Swords (GZA), Supreme Clientele  (Ghostface), Immobility  (Raekwon) just to name a few.

I agree with you on Lupe Fiasco. His older material evoked critical thinking about topics that you don't see or hear on the news everyday. Little Weapon is a favorite. He's intelligent, lyrically inclined and accessible without resorting waving the 'drugs sex money' flag we see so often in this genre of music.

My second pick has to be Childish Gambino - Simply for his wordplay and clever use of rhyming; He's also garnered my respect from his ability to transcend any one medium, instead option to become an actor, a writer, a producer and an artist.

Next up is Tech N9ne. Although I don't usually agree with his tone on most songs, especially the newer ones, the mother fucker is talented no doubt. 'The Rain' is probably my favorite song from him, where he talks about his wife and kids and how the spotlight has taken him away from his responsibilities as a man. One of his daughters actually raps on the song, it's really cute.

I'll be completely original here and list Eminem /s. But seriously, he deserves to be in every list for a reason. I cannot stand his last two releases but the farther back you look, the better he was. Drug Ballad stands out to me as I heard it during a time in my life when I was experimenting with hallucinogenic drugs and searching for my own truth in the nature of mankind.

My last choice is Fetty Wap lol. He isn't spectacular by any metric, I just enjoy his music lol.

5. Eminem
4. Talib Kweli
3. Ghostface Killah
2. 2pac
1. Nas


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5. Dylan
4. Dylan
3. Dylan
2. Dylan
1. Dylan


A mouse & keyboard are made for sending email and typing internet badassery. Not for playing video games!!!

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FentonCrackshell said:
5. Dylan
4. Dylan
3. Dylan
2. Dylan
1. Dylan

im not really into rap, but i liked B Real (Cypress Hill) back in the days and recently i got into Rakim (from eric b feat. Rakim)

I don't really know rap but I heard Danny Brown is really good and he features on a track of an artist I like. My brain can barely keep up with what he says, so I don't know how his mouth does.

I like some of Ice Cube's big hits, as well as some NWA. Mainly for the beats, sounds and production though.

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I'm quite old, so bands/people I liked the most are N.W.A., Wu-Tang Clan, Public Enemy and old Snoop...but, more or less, I stopped actively listening the genre around mid 90s.

My current favourite rappers/ rap bands are:

1. Atmosphere. I did not enjoy last couple of albums as much, but it is still one of my favourite bands
2. Hilltop Hoods. I seem to like whatever they release.
3. Dub FX, love the music he makes. rap, reggae, drum and base in the same package, just pure awesome
4. Lupe Fiasco. Food & Liquor and The Cool were amazing albums, his newer stuff is still great as well
5. Hollywood Undead. I have always liked a mixture of rock and rap and they capture it quite well,