should i get mgs 5 first edtion?

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im kind of confused what they mean by first edition? i mean im playing splatoon and watchdogs right now. so im not desperate to play it. i would like to know if u think if they're gonna come out with dlc, more features and if theres gonna be more complte editions. or maybe if the first edition has stuff that the others won't have? wo kojima whats going to happen? your thoughts... thanx

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Day 1 edition gets a map (physical version only) and some DLC.

Adam-ska Special Handgun
XP Boost for online
Personal Ballistic Shield (Silver)
Cardboard Box (Wetland)
Fatigues (Blue Urban Snake Costume)


If you are asking if they will add more to this then I would say probably not. This is just a bonus for the people who buy the game early. There is also a Limited Collectors Edition but I believe it is already sold out.

thanx, the u rocks. just picked it up for ps3