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Am i getting scammed?

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there is this sushi place i go to 3-4 times a week and there is one cashier there who taps my card first then hands me the machine so that i may enter my pin. It only approves after i finished entering my pin and the recipts come out. but is it possible there is a swipey tap glitch thing where i get charged twice? i would look transactions online if i could.


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Um, why can't you check your transactions online?


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if you are having trouble viewing your transaction history online you can pm me your account details and i can check them for you.

Probably not but call your administrator.

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I doubt you are getting scammed. Call your bank or check your account online.

I have noticed with a certain online ordering systems that you can included a tip, but it includes it in the total. When you get the receipt, there is another empty tip sections. If you are not watching it, you could be putting in a tip on the online order and then giving another one when you sign the receipt.

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If you are not comfortable in making an account/checking your bank/credit card info online - then contact the phone number in the back of your card to check on any recent transactions and how much you have been charged.

Best to check that first before planning any future visits...


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I highly doubt it, but I'd call your bank if I were you ( or pay with cash ).

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Probably not, but you can get an appointment with your bank or just pay with cash to be safe

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Figure out how to check your transactions online, and do that. Nobody here has the information to answer this question.