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Crunchyroll Wii U App Can Now Be Used Without A Subscription

Posted 1:00am Sat 25th Jul 2015 by Liam Doolan



Exciting news for anime lovers

Upon its arrival, the Crunchyroll Wii U application was a welcome addition to Nintendo’s digital library of offerings. The one setback was the fact users had to sign up to Crunchyroll’s premium service or use the trial period to watch their favourite anime on demand.

As of today, a significant change has been made. The latest update to the Crunchyroll app for Wii U means free users can now enjoy the same freemium experience offered on other Crunchyroll apps and the Crunchyroll website.

No longer must you lock into the premium Crunchyroll service to watch popular anime shows on the Wii U. Provided you’re cool with standard-definition and a few ads along the way, the free model will let users watch entire seasons of their favourite anime.


Of course, if you would prefer high-definition viewing and no ads, the premium experience is still the way to go. This package also includes simulcasts as soon as they are live. A free trial for the premium service is available via the Wii U application.

Let us know us know in the comments if you plan to use the Crunchyroll Wii U app now that it includes the free experience offered on other Crunchyroll services, and also what anime you’ll be watching.

Thanks to Ryan Millar for the tip!

[via crunchyroll.com]

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Pretty cool for people who like crunchyroll. But since WiiU's internet browser can access kissanime.com, I go there to watch my anime in HD for free Its pretty painful to navigate though.

Oh, that's pretty awesome then! May consider using it..

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Downloaded it last night because of this. Looking forward to trying out some anime!

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Glad to hear that. Been holding out on downloading it since I don't have an account but with this I'll definitely be watching some more anime in the meantime.

Just in time for the TVii service to end, that kinda bites...

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About time.Was finding strange that it didnt have the free option from the get-go, since the site had it.

Not bad.

Don't really use video apps on game consoles, but still great news.

Seen that notification, will download the crunchyroll app later.