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Who Won E3 2015?

Nintendo 4 11.76%
Microsoft 2 5.88%
Sony 25 73.53%
Bethesda 1 2.94%
EA 1 2.94%
Ubisoft 0 0.00%
Square Enix 0 0.00%
The gamers!!! (DUH) 0 0.00%
Dat PC Gameshow Though 1 2.94%

Hey gang! So E3 just ended and there were a ton of confreneces this year. This E3 had to be arguably the best E3 we've had in years! But the question i ask you all is who "won" E3. Was it Bethesda with Fallout 4, Microsoft with Backwards Compatibilty , Sony With The Last Gaurdian, nintendo with...stuff? If you want to listen to my opinion Click this link here: http://www.thepolinetwork.com/game-tech-podcast/2015/6/19/25-6115-unedited-e3-week-who-won Where we talk about who actually won our hearts at E3 this year!

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There's a thousand threads about this very topic lol

Sony with FFVII Remake, Shenmue 3, The Last Guardian by themselves.

Horizon+Uncharted 4 were pretty cool too.

MS would be 2nd for me with Dark Souls 3 reveal, Rareware replay, and Gears of War 4 - with b/c with 360 games.

Bethesda for Fallout 4 and Fallout Shelter (awesome game!)

Nintendo was good just for Fire Emblem Fates, Mario & Luigi Paper Jam and Mario Tennis - also star fox. Everything else was meh.

The rest of the shows were forgettable.


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