Kindle Fire HD 7 (79$) Worth Buying?

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Should I get one?  Does anyone have one?  Is the 8gb enough?

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Yes! I have the 16gb version and that's plenty for me, it all depends on the person so I can't really tell you if the 8gb is enough.

I have a first gen Fire. It's still awesome, with the only drawback being the more limited Kindle Fire app store rather than the full Android store. But if you're not hugely into getting apps right when they come out, you probably can't go wrong with the Fire HD, at least at that price. Space has never been a problem for me because it streams all my digital Amazon content. Netflix works fine.

If you're a casual tablet buyer this is probably the best deal you'll ever find. If you're looking for more app freedom and stuff though, you'll probably just want a Nexus or a Galaxy.

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You could get the HP Stream 7 if you are looking for a cheap tablet.


It has the x86 version of windows so u can install actual windows programs on there. It's main issue is that 1gb of ram however since 1gb ram + x86 = essh but for most basic tasks and stuff, you should be fine.

But yea, the Fire Tablet HD is pretty good from what I can tell except the not having the play store sorta deal


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Damn you can only use 4.5gb out of 8gb... gonna upgrade to the 16gb for $20.

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I bought a nook hd+( 1080p 9 inch screen) and put cyanogenmod 11 on it. With the exception of not having a camera it is a pretty awesome tablet. it has a microsd slot, and either 16Gb or 32Gb of internal memory depending on which model. It cost me $89. So that is another option for a cheap tablet.