New 4K-Capable PS4 And Xbox One Consoles Coming This Year, Predicts Netflix

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Here's me thinking this was old news as we knew before launch the PS4 and Xbox One would support 4k Movies and Photos?

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Weird because I can tell an HD stream on a 40" from 10 feet away. It's so painfully obvious.

ArchangelMadzz said:
IFireflyl said:
ArchangelMadzz said:
IFireflyl said:
Chevinator123 said:
I still haven't seen 4k in the flesh yet, i can only imagine how good it looks :(

If you are not seeing it on a huge screen (80" or larger) compared to a 1080p TV of the same size then it is highly unlikely you would even notice a difference.

May I ask you if YOU haver personally seen 4k in person? I casually go into my local Curry's store where they have 4k TV's showing and it's absolutely jaw dropping. So you're either spreading information you haven't concluded for yourself or need to get your eyes checked.

I have. I have a 46" Samsung 1080p LED TV. I was looking at a 40" Samsung 4k TV and 49" Sony 4k TV in Best Buy, and they do not appear to look any better from about 8 feet away (which is my normal viewing distance). I also wear contacts to get 20/20 vision. My eyes aren't great without contacts, but it doesn't matter since I wear them. Your last line is meant as an insult. Please don't insult me. I am not making fun of anyone. I am stating scientific facts. Maybe you have better than 20/20 vision. Maybe you are viewing 4k TVs that have a large screen size (where I indicated that it would be visable). Maybe you're sitting closer to the TV than I do. There are other variables involved. Please educate yourself before jumping to conclusions and/or insulting others.

I doubt I have better than 20/20 vision. It seems as though everyone here is mixed as some claim no difference but I see it immediately even from a further distance. This just seems all to familiar to the SD vs HD thing..

I think the bigger argument now is: Do enough people care? I'm on the group that can tell the difference between 720/1080. But I'm also now in the group where I don't care about res anymore. Obiously, 4K etc. will become the norm. But over the course of when my TV dies. And that 4K tec goes into that $700 range. But I have no drive to purchase or watch a stream in 4K. The OMG factor has worn off from me.