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Khan is racist and bans black people for no reason, then when you try to ask why in a civil manner he just ignores you. Keep up the good work homie....u are a class act. Give some people a little power and their heads swell up.  You should be more humble, it goes a long way in life, arrogance will get u no where.

Uhh, okay then?

-Mr Khan

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This... really isn't needed. Assuming you want to complain about mods then there is a proper thread to do it here http://gamrconnect.vgchartz.com/thread.php?id=191381&page=17#7

But even then it's only for criticisms that could help the mods improve, not just for attacks on them.

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I feel like a black person at times, and I haven't received a ban from Khan, so your argument is invalid.

(you're grampa)

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If Khan is racist, then he actually has a reason to ban black people...

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Why did you make this thread? You will be banned and the thread locked.


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