Will there be a Destiny "Backlash"?

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TravenousMaximus said:
Speaking of Nintendo and Bungie...I think it'd be awesome if Nintendo's 9th gen console launched with a Bungie-developed exclusive. Considering Miyamoto's comments on casuals and the state of the industry its time they start considering a new image, a new direction (while at the same time, not forgetting their roots) Part of the reason why Nintendo lost so much ground in the Gamecube era was because they lost Rare - their go-to team for strong exclusive support outside their own studios (and their only serious FPS developer) If Bungie made a deep, engaging, M-rated experience, with Nintendo's direction for quality, mainstream interest in Nintendo will potentially get back to where it needs to be.

Take Splatoon; make the characters human with power-armour that is squid themed and has a mecha form; add mature story; go home; profit.


 (I know its a third person shooter, but with Metroid Prime already ready to be there a third-person shooter could do more good.)